Sarasota Jazz Festival

Sarasota, Florida

Riverview Performing Arts Center

Karla Harris Sings the Dave and Iola Brubeck Songbook w/ the Ted Howe Trio


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First-ever studio recording featuring exclusively vocal versions of Dave Brubeck's music with lyrics by Iola Brubeck. Purchase here!
February 12, 2015

New CD Gets 5 Stars from Critical Jazz :)

“… Sings the Dave and Iola Brubeck Songbook” released just last Tuesday, Feb. 10 (happy dance!), and on Feb. 11 we got the great news that a first review was in, and it’s a nice one. The jazz critic is Brent Black at Critical Jazz, a reviewer who has, as he puts it, “a reputation […]

February 5, 2015

The story of finding the Songbook …

… actually started as a mystery. To do a CD of vocal versions of Brubeck’s music, we needed an official Dave Brubeck songbook that included the sheet music from his publisher, so we could make sure we had the correct words to the songs that had them. Step one! But such a collection didn’t seem […]

February 3, 2015

“I have an idea …”

…. That’s how the conversation that started the new CD project [“Karla Harris Sings the Dave and Iola Brubeck Songbook] began. It was October 2013 and I was meeting with pianist Ted Howe to rehearse for an upcoming Atlanta concert he was producing featuring James Bond theme songs. I’d just arrived and sat down when he said to […]