‘Certain Elements’ album debuts on Jazz Week chart at #44

Last Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, I got a call from Neal Sapper, head of New World ‘n Jazz. Neal has been spearheading introducing “Certain Elements” (the album) to straight-ahead jazz stations. Copies mailed out about five weeks ago in mid-January, and I’ve been simply curious as to what “radio” would think. Neal was calling to let me know some great news: “This is the kind of call,” he said, “that I love to make — the album charted this week!” He was talking about the prestigious Jazz Week chart, which tracks radio play on reporting jazz stations in cities across the country as well as select satellite and internet stations that broadcast to the world. The album debuted on Jazz Week at #44! It’s hard to describe how the news feels, but in one word — SWEET. To be on any rung of this ladder is wonderful, because it affirms that this music is getting a chance and getting heard, and based on some of the notes I’ve received, it’s touching people in some beautiful ways. As a music-maker, there is nothing better, seriously. Thank you to Neal and Matt at New World ‘n Jazz, to the stations playing the music, to every single person who has dropped me a line to say congrats and celebrate the news with me — and to all who are hearing these songs. … Much Love, Karla