“Something intensely vital” about Track 1 ….

An article at Blogcritics on  Karla’s new “… Sings the Dave and Iola Brubeck Songbook” CD is a great review and a thoughtful read. Critic Jack Goodstein echoes the thoughts of many when he says he never even knew there were words to these songs. “Turns out not only are there lyrics, but … they are lyrics with some real power. Harris has old school vocal chops, and pianist Ted Howe’s arrangements make sure she has the perfect canvas to use them,” he writes. He goes on to say good things about the arrangements, the performance and the wonderful band. Couple of quotes: “There is something intensely vital about Harris’s work with the tune [Take Five],” and “‘Easy as You Go’ is a torch gem that seems to end too quickly for my money.” …. Mr. Goodstein gave the CD a strong 4/5 stars, and user ratings at the site are topping that …. Many thanks to those listening to and loving this record!