Jazz da Gama Review: “A work of sheer elegance and distinction”

Canadian reviewer Raul da Gama posted a trio of reviews on vocal tributes, including Karla’s “… Sings the Dave and Iola Brubeck Songbook” album. Some highlights:

“This is a work of sheer elegance and distinction, which features a wide range of moods from the tender to the playful. What stands out are the freshness and vigour of its rhythmic shapes and the richness of its imitative interweaving. … absolutely marvelous … Karla Harris takes nothing for granted in this music. Nor should we in listening to her. … [she] understands that every interpretation is just one possibility, and she offers us an enticing opportunity to open our minds.”

Many thanks to Mr. da Gama for the review, which relays the record’s intent so eloquently, and for the kind words!  Read it in full here: http://jazzdagama.com/features/extended-reviews/words-and-music-by/2/