“Cherish” featured on Dave Koz’s SiriusXM show

Legendary contemporary jazz saxophonist Dave Koz gave some love to Cherish, the first single from Certain Elements, recently on his syndicated show, The Dave Koz Lounge, broadcast every Sunday on SiriusXM station Watercolors. Dave was introduced to Cherish by mutual friend and bassist Sam Sims, who plays on the track. Dave teed up the track with a nice little intro. Was pretty thrilling to be a part of Dave’s Lounge (virtually speaking), home to so much music and so many luminaries I’ve loved over the years. Also thrilled were my parents, who listened live over satellite TV at their St. Louis home with the help of my sister. My whole family has been enjoying the journey with me. Much thanks to Dave Koz, such a generous musician and person, for the spotlight, and to the fantastic Sam Sims for letting Dave know about Cherish! Play the audio below to hear what aired:

Karla Harris in the Dave Koz Lounge