Blog-gie thoughts …

It’s been such an interesting time since the release of the “… Sings the Dave and Iola Brubeck Songbook” CD project. It was one year ago this month that I was in Los Angeles, recording at Tritone Studios with Ted Howe, Tom Kennedy, Dave Weckl, Bob Sheppard and engineer Talley Sherwood. Since the record’s release last February, it’s been played regularly on stations from Honolulu to Hartford, including in major world markets such as L.A. and Miami. One San Francisco station played from it 40 times in one week alone. It reached chart-bound status on the Jazz Week chart (topped out at #69 — and for someone whose never been close to the chart before, that was pretty exciting even if we didn’t crack the top 50, as the list starts at about #200!). I’ve been fortunate to be able to bring the music of the record to wonderful audiences in Florida, Atlanta, South Carolina and, this August, in Portland. With more to come. I’ve met the absolute nicest people at these shows, which is one of the best things ever.

I took on this project not knowing what to expect from the industry, and breathed a happy sigh as the CD received many positive reviews. It’s gratifying every time someone “gets” what we set out to do. As with most things in life, not all that glitters is gold, as they say; there have been some disillusions … but I have been supported by knowledgeable and helpful people in radio, promotion and publicity, as well as my label, Summit Records, and producer Ted Howe. My family has promoted the record as only family members can. I think my dad and mom alone have been responsible for selling a case of the CDs! My husband has manned the merch table. My sons have shared posts. My friends and fans in Portland turned performances there last February into unofficial CD release parties. My dear friends in Atlanta, Portland and St. Louis have congratulated me on the successes and encouraged me when things have been challenging, no matter what. I’m grateful for every sweet word, every hug.

To all those who’ve embraced this recording and the spirit with which it was created, thank you so much. I once told a friend, a fellow musician, “There is so much music to be made.” And always, when it is your project, it should be music you love and you believe in. I’m already thinking about what’s “next.” We never know what the future holds, but I know what’s next for me musically will be just that.

much love.